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2 ways to use XLOOKUP with Multiple Criteria in Excel

Utilizing XLOOKUP with multiple criteria in Excel allows for more flexible data searching compared to traditional lookup functions. This capability enhances data analysis by enabling searches based on several conditions.

Method 1: Using Boolean Logic in XLOOKUP

Combine multiple criteria using Boolean (AND) logic within the XLOOKUP function:

XLOOKUP(1, (CriteriaRange1=Criteria1) * (CriteriaRange2=Criteria2) * ..., ReturnRange)


Lookup the “Price” based on “Product” and “Color” in a dataset.


  • Product = “Widget”
  • Color = “Blue”
  • Product Range: A2:A10
  • Color Range: B2:B10
  • Price Range (to return): C2:C10


=XLOOKUP(1, (A2:A10="Widget") * (B2:B10="Blue"), C2:C10)

Formula Components

  • Lookup Value (1): Represents TRUE. The formula searches for rows where all conditions match this value.
  • Lookup Array ((A2:A10=”Widget”) * (B2:B10=”Blue”)):
    • Checks each cell in A2:A10 for “Widget”, and each in B2:B10 for “Blue”.
    • Uses Boolean AND logic (represented by *) to find rows where both conditions are true.
  • Return Array (C2:C10): The range from which the value is returned, typically a corresponding detail like price or quantity.

This formula returns the price for “Widget” products that are “Blue”.


Concatenate criteria and lookup arrays:

XLOOKUP(Criteria1&Criteria2, CriteriaRange1&CriteriaRange2, ReturnRange)


Using the same dataset, concatenate criteria “WidgetBlue” and search within the combined array.


=XLOOKUP("WidgetBlue", A2:A10&B2:B10, C2:C10)

Formula Components

  • Lookup Value (“WidgetBlue”): The target value that XLOOKUP will search for in the concatenated array.
  • Lookup Array (A2:A10&B2:B10):
    • Concatenates two ranges: product names in A2:A10 with colors in B2:B10.
    • Creates a single array with combined product-color strings for each row.
  • Return Array (C2:C10): The range containing the values to be returned, typically prices or quantities associated with the product-color pairs.

This method concatenates and searches for the string “WidgetBlue”.


  • These methods are effective for exact matches. Adjustments may be needed for partial matches or complex scenarios.
  • Array formulas might require Ctrl + Shift + Enter in some versions of Excel.
  • XLOOKUP is available in newer versions of Excel.

Using XLOOKUP with multiple criteria significantly enhances data lookup capabilities in Excel, enabling more complex data extraction.

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