RHCSA Practice Exam

RHCSA Practice Exam A General Notes Here are some tips to ensure your exam starts with a clean environment: You do not need external servers or resources. Do not register or connect to external repositories. Install a new VM according to the instructions in each practice exam. No sample solutions are provided for these practice […]

5 formas de verificar la dirección IP en Linux

Cómo verificar la dirección IP en Linux En el entorno de Linux, es esencial poder verificar la dirección IP de su sistema. La dirección IP es un identificador único asignado a cada dispositivo conectado a una red, lo que le permite comunicarse con otros dispositivos en la red. Verificar la dirección IP en Linux puede […]

50 RHCSA exam questions and answers

The RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) exam is a performance-based certification exam offered by Red Hat. It is designed to validate the skills and knowledge required to effectively administer Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems in various enterprise environments. The RHCSA certification is highly recognized in the IT industry and serves as a benchmark for […]

Understanding Linux MAC Addresses: 10 Common Questions Answered

Understanding MAC address in Linux In Linux, a MAC address (Media Access Control address) is a unique identifier assigned to a network interface. It is a hardware address that is associated with the physical network adapter or network interface card (NIC) installed on a device. The MAC address consists of six sets of two hexadecimal […]

Search files by size in Linux

There are a few different ways to search files by size in Linux. One way is to use the find command. The find command is a powerful tool that can be used to search for files based on a variety of criteria, including size. Search files by size in Linux To search for files by […]

Enable SSL in Postgresql

Enabling SSL in PostgreSQL is a straightforward process that only requires three simple steps: Make sure we have the server certificate and key files available Enable the SSL configuration (ssl = on) Make sure the pg_hba.conf file rules are updated accordingly   Obtain server certificate and key files for Postgres On PostgreSQL server, we need […]

2 ways to Preserve file permissions when copying files in Linux

Preserve file permissions using -p option in cp command To preserve the file permissions when copying files or directories using the cp command, you can use the -p or –preserve option. The -p option will preserve the following attributes of the source file or directory: File mode (permissions) Access time Modification time User ID (UID) […]

2 ways to fix cp Permission denied error

The error message “cp: Permission denied” typically occurs when the user doesn’t have permission to access the source file or the destination directory. Here are the errors we usually meet with “Permission denied” error in Linux: Error Description cp: cannot create regular file ‘destination/path’: Permission denied Indicates that the user does not have permission to […]

3 ways to fix Did not find any relations in Postgresql

When running the \dt command in PostgreSQL, the error message “Did not find any relations” means that no tables were found in the current schema that is visible to the user running the command. In PostgreSQL, the \dt command is used to list all the tables in the current schema. If the command is executed […]