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Fix: Kubernetes requires conntrack to be installed in root’s path

minikube start –vm-driver=none
😄 minikube v1.17.1 on Ubuntu 20.04
✨ Using the none driver based on user configuration

❌ Exiting due to GUEST_MISSING_CONNTRACK: Sorry, Kubernetes 1.20.2 requires conntrack to be installed in root's path


The error message you’re encountering indicates that conntrack, a required dependency for Kubernetes 1.20.2, is missing from the root user’s PATH.

conntrack is used for tracking network connections as part of Netfilter (iptables) in Linux, and it’s essential for Kubernetes networking functionalities.


To fix the GUEST_MISSING_CONNTRACK error on different Linux distributions, you need to install the conntrack utility.

The installation command varies slightly depending on your Linux distribution. Below are the commands for some common distributions:

Ubuntu/Debian-based Distributions

For Ubuntu (as in your message) and other Debian-based distributions, you can use apt:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y conntrack

CentOS/RHEL-based Distributions

For CentOS, RHEL, and other distributions that use yum or dnf, the command is:

sudo yum install -y conntrack-tools

Or on newer versions that use dnf:

sudo dnf install -y conntrack-tools


Fedora also uses dnf, so you would use:

sudo dnf install -y conntrack-tools

Arch Linux

For Arch Linux and Arch-based distributions, conntrack is available in the official repositories and can be installed with pacman:

sudo pacman -Sy conntrack-tools


On openSUSE, you can use zypper to install conntrack-tools:

sudo zypper install conntrack-tools

Verify Installation

After installation, you can verify that conntrack is correctly installed and accessible by running:

conntrack --version

Retry Starting Minikube

With conntrack installed, retry starting Minikube using the same command as before:

minikube start --vm-driver=none

This should resolve the issue across different Linux distributions, allowing Minikube to start successfully with the required conntrack dependency installed.

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