10 Networking Commands For Ubuntu Linux Interview

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Networking management is a common task for Linux admins. Today we will cover some basic networking commands for the Ubuntu Linux interview. These commands are frequently asked during an interview. Hope this post can help you improve your interview performance.

10 Networking Commands For Ubuntu Linux Interview

  • lspci – lists all pci devices. Combine it with grep to search for specific device.
  • lsmod – shows the status of modules in Linux kernels.
  • ip link – lists all the available network devices with status and configuration parameters.
  • ip addr – shows the IP addresses assigned for each device.
  • ip route – displays routing table entries.
  • traceroute – lists all the routers (path) between local and remote hosts.
  • iptables is an administration tool for packet filtering and NAT.
  • dig is a DNS lookup utility.
  • ethtool – queries and controls network drivers and hardware settings.
  • route – views or edits the IP routing table.
  • telnet was the interface for telnet protocol. Now it is a simple tool to quickly check remote working ports.
  • Nmap is a powerful network mapping tool.
  • netstat – displays network connections, routing tables, interface stats, and more.
  • ifdown and ifup start or stop the network interface. They are similar to ifconfig down or ifconfig up.

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