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David Cao

David is a Cloud & DevOps Enthusiast. He has years of experience as a Linux engineer. He had working experience in AMD, EMC. He likes Linux, Python, bash, and more. He is a technical blogger and a Software Engineer. He enjoys sharing his learning and contributing to open-source.

This article is part of the following series. 2 ways to create a directory in Linux How to Get the current directory in Linux Linux File System: Understanding Directory Structure and Navigating the File System   Linux is a powerful operating system that offers many features and options for users. In this blog post, we …

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When dealing with a large number of files in a Linux system, organizing them based on their sizes can be immensely helpful. In this post, we will explore three different ways to sort files by size in Linux, each providing its own advantages and flexibility. Whether you prefer a simple command-line approach or desire a …

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