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50 RHCSA exam questions and answers

The RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) exam is a performance-based certification exam offered by Red Hat.

It is designed to validate the skills and knowledge required to effectively administer Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems in various enterprise environments.

The RHCSA certification is highly recognized in the IT industry and serves as a benchmark for assessing the expertise of system administrators.

The RHCSA exam focuses on practical, hands-on tasks that simulate real-world scenarios.

The exam is conducted in a controlled environment, where candidates are given access to a live system on which they need to perform a series of tasks within a specified time frame.

To pass the RHCSA exam, candidates need to demonstrate proficiency in managing and configuring Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems effectively.

  • Basic system management: Installation, tools, file management, text files, RHEL9 connections, user/group management, permissions, and network configuration
  • Operating running systems: Managing software, processes, storage, and advanced storage; working with Systemd; scheduling tasks; and configuring logging
  • Advanced system administration: Managing the kernel and boot procedures, essential troubleshooting, bash shell scripting
  • Managing network services: Configuring SSH, firewalls, and time services; managing Apache HTTP services and SE Linux; accessing network storage; and managing containers


The exam measures not only the candidate’s technical knowledge but also their ability to solve problems, think critically, and make informed decisions in a Linux environment.

RHCSA exam questions


Tuesday 30th of April 2024

I use each question as a self-assessment checkpoint. This helps me identify areas where I'm already strong and topics that need more attention.