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A True Story About Web Hosting Service From a New Website Starter

This is a true story based on my own experience. For anyone who seriously needs a web hosting or a website, please take 2 minutes to read it. I am pretty sure that this will save you at least days even weeks, especially for new website starters.

For 2020, it is a different time for many of us. For me, it is also different.

After I reviewed many successful blog websites, I decided to start my own website immediately. I want to make some money online.

I need a website first.

First Journey of web hosting

I picked one famous “fast” web hosting service. This company is well-known for its fast speed. I paid $107 for 3 years because I was pretty sure at that time that this was the best web hosting website. To be honest, I didn’t need too much for my first website. I couldn’t wait to start up my blog.

But I was shocked after I logged into its system. The UI was totally different from its official website. It was like the 80s. There were too many things in their system and I didn’t know where I should start.

I spent some time to get familiar with its old system and finally installed one WordPress theme. Then I stuck there. “How to create a post?” I researched this on google and its website. But still could not get a very clear direction about this. It was totally unexpected. I canceled this unsatisfied service because I don’t think this problem can be easily fixed based on what I saw so far.

I didn’t get the chance to experience its well-known ‘fast’ service.

Second Journey Of Web hosting

Then I went back to google and did some research again.

This time I found another new keyword ‘website builder’. Looks like this is exactly what I need.

Website Builder is an online editing and publishing tool that helps you create a website, regardless of your technical skill level. Just create an account, pick a design and use the built-in editor to add your own images and text. You can make your website as simple or complex as you’d like. Need to sell your stuff online? No problem. You can add a full online store complete with product listings, coupons, shopping cart, shipping and multiple payment options. 

So I started my second journey for my website.

This time I picked another famous web hosting provider **host. It also has a website builder service. I only paid $4 for one month to test it because I didn’t trust what its website says this time.


Everything was much better than the first time. Pick a theme, install it, easy to follow. I was pretty glad that I got this service. But when I started my first post, I got a problem. The font and line space were not fit with my website.

My first post was very ugly. I went to the edit page and tried to fix it. I thought it can be resolved immediately. But unfortunately, this issue took me two days and it was not fixed in the end. I just realized that this theme was created in 2015. Many things did not fit anymore.

I created a support case for help. But after many emails, this issue can not be fixed. Nobody wants their new website to look old. I decided to cancel its service again.


Third Journey Of Web Hosting

I went back to google again and research.

After some days, I started my third journey for my website. This time I picked the top 1 website builder. I really didn’t want to waste too much time this time.

Unlike before, I didn’t have to pay anything to try its service. It was totally free to try. That was very surprising. So I logged into its system with my google account and answered one question.


I picked “blog” then I picked “choose a template”.

From the themes, I got this one. It was very clean and neat.


I clicked “edit this site” on the right. It took me to the post-management page. I could not wait to test my first post. The font and line space were not a problem any more. The system already took care of them for me. I just need to type the content. No need to worry about others. When I saw my first post, I felt that that was the best moment these days.


That is almost the end of my story of web hosting. I hope anyone who needs web hosting doesn’t go through the experience I had. That is a real story. I really don’t want anyone else wast a lot of time and energy again. Thanks a lot for your time.