In recent months, I’ve encountered numerous articles with titles such as “20 Linux Commands You Should Know” or “Linux Survival Guide.”

This web story takes a different approach. We will discuss 5 underrated Linux commands that deserve more attention.

The ss command is a powerful utility. It can be used for displaying detailed information about network sockets, connections, and statistics.

ss command

This powerful tool allows us to quickly run DNS queries and retrieve valuable information about domain names.

dig command

It is a powerful utility for tracing system calls made by processes, such as fopen or flock. It provides insights into the specific system-level operations being executed.

strace command

The nc (netcat) command is another useful networking utility in Linux.  It is often referred to as the "Swiss Army knife" of networking.

nc command

It is a versatile tool for SSL/TLS and cryptographic operations, including certificate management, encryption, decryption, and more.

openssl command